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  • Stylised Animals in Decorative Lighting and Objects

    Jan 17 2018

    Exotic animals that were transported to England by boats, were studied and painted by experts employed by institutions like the Natural History Museum. It was thought a helpful idea to integrate never before seen animals like armadillos and tortoises into decorative objects, to introduce them to the public. The eagerness of experts to acquaint English society with such animals is...

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  • How to make the most of your Hallway space.

    Jan 09 2018

    Quite often,the hallway ends up being a cluttered walkway for traversing from room to room,but this need not be the case.Hallways canbecome a statement space and decorated in a manner that relates back to whenthey were considered the heart of the home. In the 1400s, the hallway was wherethe family dined with guests, and great houses played host to travelling...

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  • Five tips for buying antiques this New Year.

    Jan 03 2018

    Whether you’re an avid collector of antique desk sets or just starting out with your collection of gilded candlesticks, we have compiled some tips to help beginners start their antique collection this New Year.Start with what you knowIt is best to specialise in an area of antiques that you are passionate about and have knowledge about already, and take it...

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