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The History of Christmas Traditions

Posted on 28 November 2017  |  Comments (0)

 Today, Christmas is an elaborate and indulgent time of year. With an abundance of gifts exchanged, excessive amounts of foods eaten and of course, quality time spent with loved ones, it can feel as though the festivities at that time of year have been around for centuries. But, how old are the traditions we celebrate today and where do they originate from? It can be hard to believe that Christmas Day, as we know it now, originates from as recently as the 19th-century. Before that period, ... Read More »

6 Top Tips for Buying Antiques as A Christmas Gift

Posted on 10 November 2017  |  Comments (0)

Antiques make wonderful gifts; they demonstrate thoughtfulness, are of high quality and will last the test of time and the changing tastes. If you have an antique enthusiast amongst your friends and family and you are thinking about gifting them an antique for Christmas, there are a few things to consider, both while you’re browsing and when you make a purchase. You may or may not be passionate about antiques yourselves, so here are a few pointers to take note of during you... Read More »

4 Christmas Gift Ideas for Antique Lovers

Posted on 07 November 2017  |  Comments (0)

Christmas is just over a month away which means the time to begin thinking about what your friends and family may like for Christmas, and what special item you will be buying them this year, is fast approaching. The nature of people means we all have different passions, interests and things we like; For antique lovers, this is no different. The main difference is, if you’re not as passionate as your loved ones about the charm of antiques, it can be difficult to know where to begin an... Read More »

5 Reasons to Buy an Antique as A Christmas Gift

Posted on 31 October 2017  |  Comments (0)

For some members of family and friends, thinking of the perfect gift for them for Christmas can be easy. This may be because they have specific interests, favourite authors or perfume or they may even request vouchers every year. However, it is likely, there is always one person that can be a challenge to buy for. Here are five reasons why buying an antique as a gift for Christmas can be the answer you have been looking for all these years! Quality It is all too easy to panic buy o... Read More »

Our Guide to Estimating the Value of Your Antique Clock

Posted on 30 October 2017  |  Comments (0)

Like the thousands of people who attend antique valuation days, we all want to discover the value of our much-loved items. Whether you have picked up an antique drum table from a second-hand shop, or you have a collection of 18th-century antique furniture that has been passed down through your family for several generations, the curiosity around the value of an item can be a topic and of huge interest to owners and families. Not every antique is valuable, and there are some ... Read More »