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A Brief History of Antique Chairs - Part 2

Posted on 17 August 2017  |  Comments (0)

The style of chairs, along with other furniture, has developed and evolved over many years, as the first instalment of a brief history of antique chairs – part one has covered. To recap on part 1: During the 12th to 15th century, chairs were reserved for prestigious members of society, and this was reflected in the style, with elaborate designs, symmetry and detailed carvings. The Elizabethan period, during the 15th and 16th century, demonstrated a mix of Gothic and Renaissance, w... Read More »

A Brief History of Antique Chairs – Part 1

Posted on 14 August 2017  |  Comments (0)

The term antique chair incorporates a huge variety of shapes, styles and materials, all from different periods throughout history, from nursing, rocking and Windsor to the classic arm chair. There is incredible diversity and interesting features to behold on all the styles of antique chairs. Chairs, as we know them in the most traditional form, have four legs, a back and two arms. Over time, this design was specifically reserved for high members of society, including roy... Read More »

A Guide to Help You Identify Queen Anne Antique Furniture

Posted on 11 August 2017  |  Comments (0)

Queen Anne furniture is elegant and stunning. The intricate designs and incredible shapes make them the perfect addition to your home, creating a centre piece and show stopper of the room. Find out more about the style of the furniture here: Age and history Queen Anne was born in 1665. She ruled from 1702 to 1714 and was 37 years old when she began her reign of England. Anne was married to Prince George of Denmark, of whom writings describe as a bore and a drunk. The marr... Read More »

An Introduction to the History of Cabinetmakers, John Cobb and William Vile

Posted on 09 August 2017  |  Comments (0)

During their 14-year-long partnership, William Vile and John Cobb firmly cemented their position as some of the best cabinetmakers of the Early Georgian period. Although recognised worldwide thanks to their extraordinary craftsmanship, not much is known about the creators of some of the finest 18th-century antique furniture. William Vile (1715 – 1767), from what can be deducted from letters written from him to the politician, George Selway, started o... Read More »

Top Tips To Waxing Antique Furniture

Posted on 07 August 2017  |  Comments (0)

For antique furniture to remain in the best possible condition, owners are required to take care of and treat the materials that are used to make each piece. By putting effort into the furniture, you will be increasing the lifetime of the piece and ensuring it looks its best, for people to continue to enjoy for many years to come. Items can be brought back to life with a little elbow grease, and some care. Dried wood or tarnished brass can be polished to reveal stunning grains and glistening in... Read More »