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Should You Reupholster Your Antique Furniture?

Posted on 22 June 2017  |  Comments (0)

It’s always best to emphasise the former glory of an antique piece of furniture, including the woodwork, craftsmanship and the textiles used, rather than changing an item completely as sometimes restorations can cause the piece to become unrecognisable. But, there are exceptions; for some pieces of antique furniture, there is no amount of work that can save its originality, so rather than letting what is good about it go to waste, reupholster and repair can be the saviour of ... Read More »

A Guide of How to Incorporate Antiques into Your Interior Design

Posted on 12 June 2017  |  Comments (0)

Antique furnishings and design create a timeless and charming space, with a mix of modern and antique furniture becoming more and more popular for interior decorations. A handy guide to help you achieve a balanced and tasteful space maybe just what you need to get started. 1. Reupholster Recovering antique furniture, whether it is a sofa, stool or dining room chair can bring a new lease of life to many pieces and create impact in the room. The reupholster will all... Read More »

12 Tips to Help You Spot a Rare and Valuable Antique

Posted on 09 June 2017  |  Comments (0)

It can be tricky for the inexperienced or new collectors to gauge the value or authenticity of an antique item. Here is a handy guide of things you may want to consider while you are searching, or before you buy your antique product. Scarcity 1. One of the first things to consider when viewing a piece is to research how many were originally produced. Many of the most desirable and expensive items were exclusively made for either the rich or royalty. Many items were purchased ... Read More »

Create a Timeless Style in Your Home With Antique Furnishings and a Fireplace

Posted on 08 June 2017  |  Comments (0)

With modern heating systems being installed in most houses, fireplaces have become a redundant part of the home. In previous times, they truly were the heart of the house and were used for many daily functions including heating, cooking and warming bath and laundry water. Removing these period features from a home can take away the character with it, which is where this useful guide will help you. By incorporating them into your interior design, with car... Read More »

Kensington Church Street Summer Open Evening

Posted on 05 June 2017  |  Comments (0)

Kensington Church Street is one of London’s premier locations for Art and Antiques and the prestigious shops will be hosting an open evening on the 21st June, from 5pm-9pm. Whether you have been an antique furniture enthusiast for many years, are new to collecting, are searching for a single dream piece or simply just wanting to browse or gain inspiration from the diverse displays and different pieces, all are welcome to come along and join in the fun. On Wednesday 21st June, the... Read More »