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Antique Drum and Centre Tables

Drum tables are, as the name suggests, circular and were often used from the late 18th Century in Gentlemen’s libraries. Most have leather tops and several lockable drawers, which tend to be differently shaped to fit within the circle. While some drawers are often marked with the alphabet to aid filing, some are dummy. Some revolving Drum Tables, again as the name would suggest, revolve so the user can remain seated while performing other tasks and others were used as rent tables - sometimes with an additional central compartment for money. Antique Centre Tables were generally used in the middle of an entrance hall or drawing room and although not always round, were always designed to look good from 360 degrees. Rosewood Centre Tables and mahogany Centre Tables were popular and they came without leather tops. They are often inlaid with contrasting woods or brass, some have specimen marble tops, and many are supported on decorated column stems with interesting feet.