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Antique Card Tables

During the 18th and 19th century, the middle to upper-classes began to spend more time socialising and taking part in leisurely activities, and as these interactions became more popular, the furniture styles and functions of the pieces within the homes reflected this. It was common place for private houses to have specified rooms where game play took place, in the evenings while guests were present. Card tables are also known as ‘gaming tables’ and they come in various styles. Some have drawers or a fold over table top and others have an opening top which reveals the baize-line interior inside. When closed, card tables make an excellent side or lamp table. Tea tables were used for serving tea in affluent households, along with the table there would be a matching tea set and tea caddy. Typically, tea tables are slightly smaller than the modern equivalent of a coffee table. Tea tables can be round, rectangular or semi-circled. The rarer types have a polished wood interior which when closed, the appearance is much like a card table.