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Antique Console Tables

Antique sideboards and serving tables were first introduced and popular during the 18th and 19th-century. Both types of furniture were intended to be placed against a wall and so, most have flat backs or are half-moon shaped. The woods used and styles of the sideboards and serving tables reflected the availability and tastes of the period. We frequently stock Chippendale, Regency and Hepplewhite styles and have pieces made from mahogany, oak, satinwood and rosewood, amongst others. Typically, serving tables are rectangular and are much wider than they are deep. Relatively simple in design, most feature at least one central drawer. The main design and function of a serving table was for presenting food in grand dining halls. Side tables are usually much more elaborate, with additional intricate detailing and several more drawers. Typically, there is a deep drawer at either end of the piece and a shallower drawer in the centre. Side tables were often made in pairs to create symmetry with the grand room. The pairs would often be placed in entrance halls and passageways. Antique console tables are elaborately designed and add a beautiful addition to your furnishings. There are many styles to choose from, with a variety of shapes from half-moon, rectangle to square. The console was designed to be placed leaning against a wall and for this reason, many consoles with feature intricate from legs and more understated back legs. Some, don’t have any back legs at all as they would have been attached to the wall. Browse our collection of stunning serving tables, side tables and console tables below.