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Antique Console Tables

Antique Sideboards and antique Serving Tables were first introduced in the 18th Century. They remained popular throughout the following century, which means many antique Sideboards are 18th and 19th Century. They were designed for presenting food and usually have some drawers for storage of plates and other crockery. Both were intended to sit against a wall. Sideboards have a long width generally with deep drawers at either end & often with a shallow drawer across the middle. Although frequently made from mahogany, they range from plain unadorned solid rectangular items, to serpentine heavily inlaid more elaborate pieces. They come in a variety of sizes and occasionally have a back support or a brass rail for hanging a fabric splash guard. Serving tables tend to be simpler often with only one central drawer or none, and no side drawers, but essentially they were used at the same period for serving food and are rectangular with a long width. Console tables were popular throughout the 18th century & into the Regency period. Often made in pairs, they were used in entrance halls and passageways against the wall. Ranging from rectangular tables with marble tops on elaborately carved giltwood legs to simpler half-moon shapes with straight legs, they were made from all the woods available at the time; i.e. satinwood in the Sheraton period. Sometimes they were painted or intricately inlaid & cross-banded with contrasting woods.