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Antique Chiffoniers & Side Cabinets

Chiffoniers are side cabinets designed to be used in dining rooms and are often ornate. They were sometimes used to display fine china, as well as for storage. Our range of antique side cabinets includes antique mahogany chiffoniers, antique rosewood side cabinets and more. The chiffoniers, which derive their name from the chiffon used to line the front doors, come in many styles, and we routinely have antique chiffoniers with marble tops or antique chiffoniers with mirrored galleries in stock, as well as other specialist types of chiffonier. We also stock antique Regency side cabinets and antique Regency chiffoniers, as well as pieces from other periods. Our stock is constantly updated and often includes Georgian antique chiffoniers, Victorian antique side cabinets and more.