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Antique Chiffoniers & Side Cabinets

Side cabinets have been used for hundreds of years, originally for preparing food in kitchens before fitted furnishings were installed. During the 18th and 19th-century, the side cabinet became a common feature and popular addition in many dining rooms of affluent houses across Britain. They were used by servants to serve food from, hold additional plates and drinks, amongst other items which were used and needed during an evening of service and dining. There is a wide variety of antique side cabinets, some feature cupboards, drawers, detailed carvings and mirrors. Some of the earliest side cabinets enclosed a section which was used to hold a china potty. The potty was used if a member of the dinner party needed to relieve their selves during the meal. The difference between a side cabinet and chiffonier is minimal. Typically, a chiffonier is slightly lower and usually much more elaborate in design and detail as they were used to display trinkets and fine china. The chiffonier has cupboards which would have been decorated depending on the fashion and tastes of the time. Browse our full selection of side cabinets and chiffoniers below. We frequently have Regency, Georgian and Victorian pieces, with a variety of woods and finishes.