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Chairs, Stools & Settees

In the 18th century upholstered comfortable chairs were increasingly popular for less formal rooms such as the library. Gainsborough chairs had high, rectangular upholstered backs sometimes with shaped tops & padded arms above wooden legs, at times carved, & usually mahogany as the century progressed.

Armchairs were also upholstered but often smaller with rounded tops & unpadded arms. Sidechairs looked similar but without arms. By the Regency period there were many varieties made.

Stools, low rectangular or square upholstered tops on wooden legs, appear throughout the 18th & 19th centuries. Early stools often had walnut legs with carved decoration, later ones usually used mahogany.

Settees were formal seating for 2 people with elaborately carved wooden backs, upholstered seats & arms at either end, which appeared in the mid 18th century.